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This Conversational Capacity® learning experience teaches the awareness, mindset, and skillset you need to have constructive, learning-focused dialogue when challenging topics or conflicts arise.

How Do You Know You Need To Build Your Conversational Capacity?

  • You have difficulty performing under pressure
  • ​You struggle with being either overly cautious or defensive
  • You have trouble addressing tough issues in productive ways

Conversational Capacity Will Transform the Way You Communicate

Build Your Awareness

Discover the emotional reactions that limit your conversational capacity: minimizing and winning.

Adopt a Learning-Focused Mindset

React in a balanced and intentional way—even under pressure or during challenging conversations.

Recognize Your Triggers

Identify what happens when you are triggered and how you can catch it, name it, and tame it.

Communicate With Confidence

Learn to balance candor and curiosity in order to stay in the sweet spot of conversations.
Embark on this 5-week, collaborative online course to gain more
influence and help your good ideas get the traction they deserve.
Course Details
Your transformation happens in a collaborative, moderated class that takes place over five weeks. Self-directed learning blended with discussions, exercises, reflection, and offline assignments help you discover what you need to succeed. You’ll also have the opportunity to network with your fellow learners and forge new connections from around the globe.
  • The approximate time required to complete this self-paced program is 10–12 hours.
  • Each week you will spend 60 minutes completing coursework and activities.
  • You'll spend 75 minutes attending a live virtual event led by leadership experts.   
  • ​The live virtual event is scheduled in two global-friendly time slots every Wednesday at 8am or 5pm PT.

Who is Conversational Capacity Collaborative Online for?

Anyone looking to improve how they communicate, how they influence, and how they collaborate with others.


Take Action Now and Jumpstart Your Goals
Find your voice – Understand and practice how to tackle challenging conversations with skill and openness. 

Be a strong performer – Strengthen your problem-solving and decision-making capacity.
Strengthen communication – Create action plans for having one-on-one conversations with your manager.

Become a self-starter – Learn the mindset and skillset you need to become a proactive self-starter.
"The live weekly Inspire sessions enabled me to go deeper into understanding how my triggers affect my behaviors and what would have been a better response."
Program Participant
"I appreciated the value of practicing conversations that are most important to have that will enable better communication and collaboration with my peers."
Program Participant
October 17-November 18, 2022
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 Collaborative Online
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We are excited for you to join the upcoming conversational capacity collaborative online course! Please note that this course is subject to cancellation if the minimum amount of participants isn't reached.

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