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Join us September 30 – November 17, 2023
Champion Student Self Leadership Collaborative Online
Learn how to support your student's path to success in life.
It takes a village to raise a child, but who's raising the village?

We understand how hard it is to be responsible for the future of a student. Champions deserve an opportunity to support their students with tools that are straightforward, reliable, and easy to apply.

Who is Champion: Student Self Leadership Collaborative Online for?

  • Parents, teachers, school district staff, coaches, youth leaders, and community champions who want to have a positive influence on the kids in their lives.
Let us partner with you! If you know of someone between the ages of 14-18 who would like
 to attend the student class, have them check out the course here.

The Champion Student Self Leadership Program Teaches You How To

Find the Right Balance

Be clear about your expectations while allowing kids room to figure out their own aspirations

Improve Conversations

Have better conversations more often with the kids in your life.

Build Self-Reliant Students

Help kids take responsibility for their own growth.

Support Students' Goals

Know when and how to provide direction or support and when to step back.

How do you know you need support as a champion?

  • ​You want to help kids but don’t know how to provide the best kind of help
  • ​You have trouble communicating with your students
  • ​You feel friction with the kids in your life about their goals or progress
Get Ready to Get Ahead
What To Expect
This collaborative, moderated experience includes self-directed learning blended with facilitated discussions, exercises, reflections, and offline assignments to help you discover what you need to support the youth in your life. Get bonus tools like our Drivetime & Dinnertime Conversation Starters and videos demonstrating how to direct, coach, support, and delegate. Students can register for their program here.
We offer two levels of learning:
  • A LITE version: A 5-week course that consists of 1 hour of self-study each week (Ideal for parents/guardians who have a student in the program)
  • ​A PRO version: A 5-week course that consists of 2 hours of self-study
You will have access to both versions in the same online learning environment (the intuitive Intrepid® platform), so you can decide which version to complete once the class starts. 
Course Details:
  • Attend four 90-minute live, virtual facilitated sessions by Blanchard’s leadership experts at 4PM PT on the following dates: 10/12, 10/19, 10/26, 11/2 (optional and targeted to parents/guardians), & 11/9.
  • Set aside self-study time beginning 9/30
  • ​Review the content that your student is learning in their program 
  • ​Set goals and apply the self leadership topics to your own lives

Note:  Live attendance is not mandatory for the online sessions. We will always provide a recording that can be reviewed at a convenient time.

Upon completion of the course, adult participants earn the Blanchard Student Self Leadership Champion digital credential, perfect for adding to online portfolios and much more!

"The videos were inspiring and helpful. The written work was meaningful and applied to me personally. I learned from the comments that others shared. The brilliant design and flow helped motivate me through this learning at a good pace."
Champion Participant
“I loved the raw emotion and true honesty from the coaches. They didn't seem like they had all the answers, and we are here to learn from the "perfect humans". They seemed like they learned from their issues and experiences and want us to learn from those experiences and from our experiences. Very thought-provoking.""
Champion Participant
September 30 – November 17, 2023
Champion Student Self
Leadership Collaborative Online

All seats are offered free of charge through our Blanchard Institute and Intrepid® by VitalSource because we believe that building leaders early has long-lasting impacts.

(Parent/guardian, teacher, coach, youth leader, and community champion, etc.)

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If you have any questions or are having trouble submitting the form, please contact: SSLprogram@blanchard.com

Please note that this course is likely to fill up quickly. We will notify you if we reach capacity and need to add your registration to the wait list for future dates. If you do register, we ask that you please try your best to attend the class and complete the online coursework. Because this free course has a limited number of seats available we always have a wait list, so every seat counts.

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